Discover 5 effective ways to organize and manage leads and customers from WhatsApp

by zerogravitytechnologies / December 04, 2023

Managing leads and customers effectively is crucial for businesses leveraging WhatsApp. Here are five effective ways to organize and manage leads and customers using this platform.

Automatically Sync Contacts to CRM: Implementing automatic contact synchronization from WhatsApp to your CRM system eliminates manual data entry, thereby saving time and reducing errors. This ensures that your customer database is always current and accurate​​.

Manage WhatsApp Conversations within CRM: By integrating WhatsApp messaging into your CRM, you can centralize conversation management, enhancing productivity and improving customer interactions. This setup also facilitates teamwork by allowing multiple team members to access and contribute to conversations within the CRM​​.

Create Automated WhatsApp Messages: Personalized WhatsApp automation can elevate customer interactions. For instance, when a new deal is added to your CRM, an automated and personalized WhatsApp message can be sent to the customer. This can also be used for sending reminders and other automated communications​​.

Connect Multiple WhatsApp Numbers: For teams using multiple WhatsApp numbers, connecting all numbers allows seamless transition of conversations among team members. This ensures continuity and context preservation in customer communications

Send Bulk Marketing Messages on WhatsApp: Utilize WhatsApp for sending personalized bulk messages to a large group of customers, especially for important updates or news. This strategy is efficient for disseminating information quickly and ensuring all customers are well-informed​​.