Retail IT Solutions Company In Chennai

Retail landscape is changing rapidly and the digital experience is becoming a key differentiator for retailers, distributors, marketplace players, and brands to drive business forward. Zero Gravity is an award winning agency and has the requisite expertise to power the growth of digital commerce across all of these segments. We are proudly growing businesses and supporting digital operations for some of the biggest retail chains and brands across the globe.

Retail Segment We Serve

Platform driven retail solutions for quick turnaround

Inventory Handling

The Retail POS business intelligence approach enables retailers to have a bird’s eye of a product in terms of stock, sales, and GRN on the same screen.

Billing & Cash Management

Avoid the need for paperwork and effectively manage your cash flow to ring up sales and keep track on the amount of ready cash available in your stores.


Provision to have manual and automatic PO generation based on the ROL, max-min quantities configured, sales, sales returns of a supplier in a given time.

POS Machines

Automate sales, manage billing to balance sheet from our POS software! As it paves a way to quicken the process & improve customer satisfaction.

Our Retail Offerings

Zero Gravity is ready to prove that retail software can be more than a collection of disparate customer profiles.

Omni-channel customer engagement

Get your retail CRM system integrated with your ecommerce platform, website, store software, social media and mobile applications to recognize and reward each of your customers.

Loyalty program bundle

Opt for integrating a CRM with your loyalty program to make use of rich customer data, or choose to build a loyalty program as a CRM module and thus optimize your IT ecosystem.

Marketing automation

Leverage your sales potential with effective contact management, highly targeted content and personalized email marketing for each of your customers, automatically.

Integration with enterprise systems

Connect your retail CRM with the shopping cart, ERP, order fulfillment and other functional systems that have a direct relation to the quality of your customer service.

Help desk integration

Make your customer support services more connected at all levels (live chat, email, call center) with instantly retrieved, comprehensive customer can be updated in real time.

Actionable analytics and reporting

Make informed decisions using data-rich analytic dashboards that will guide you through your customers’ behavior and responses to your customer.


Create new opportunities for your business and for your customers with the help of specialized software. Transform the shopping experience with an engaging mobile app or improve business operations with a comprehensive enterprise software suite.

Marketing Automation

Reach out to your customers and drive foot traffic to your store with an engaging branded application made through a low-code mobile platform. Update your app on-the-fly and use comprehensive analytics to learn more about your users, automate your mobile marketing, and engage customers with targeted push notifications.

Turn Data Into Revenue

With over a decade of experience in software development, the Intellectsoft team can help you develop a comprehensive software solution that caters to the needs and demands of your business. From warehouse management and logistics suites to POS software—your imagination is the only limit.