IT Solutions for Healthcare Industry In Chennai

Zero Gravity Technologies, a trusted healthcare technology services and solutions provider, combines its strong application development skills and comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare domain to digitize your healthcare ecosystem. We develop scalable, secure, engaging, and fully customized healthcare solutions that enhance the quality of patient care and reduce the cost of operation.

Healthcare Segment We Serve

Offering all segments with equal dedication and focus.

Healthcare Providers

Digital services to drive innovation for hospitals, clinics and medical service providers.

Healthcare Payers

Driving adoption of emerging solutions and platforms to give you the edge.

Pharma Companies

Powerful CRM Solutions and productivity suite to transform your business and operations.

Healthcare Startups

Capitalize on our domain expertise, flexible engagement model and competitive offerings.

Our Healthcare Offerings

Catering to all the IT needs of the healthcare industry

Digital Transformation

Embrace the power of digital transformation to innovate smarter.

Managed Cloud Services

We help you migrate and manage your applications on industry-leading cloud platform like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Experience Design

Deliver better user experience, achieve greater customer outreach, and differentiate your brand with user-centric designs.

Application Development

Embrace the power of digital transformation to innovate smarter.

Product Engineering

Get your digital product developed, harnessing our engineering excellence with DevOps & agile approach for quick time-to-market.

Development Center

Quality software development within the specified time-frame at low development cost.


Our IT specialists create convenient software to help you optimize workflows, analyze healthcare data and enable reimbursable remote care, all wrapped up in an intuitive visual design.

  • Mobile Health
  • Telemedicine
  • Internet of Medical Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AR / VR
  • Blockchain
Chronic Disease Management

Offer your patients personalized care and continuous communication between appointments. Simplify their daily routine by timely notifying about medication intake, giving tips on nutrition and physical activity and reminding about the importance of journalizing subjective and objective. With a holistic system including a patient mobile application and a central server connected to the EHR, you can improve population health, patients’ outcomes and your revenues.

Medical Image Analysis

Whether a researcher, innovator or medical device manufacturer, you can assist clinical stakeholders in tackling tough challenges of 3D imaging across modalities. Help your clients to reduce the number of misdiagnosis cases, medical errors and exploratory surgeries. Unlock the capabilities of medical image processing and analysis for your organization.

Healthcare CRM

Treat your patients like customers, understanding their needs better and building trustworthy relationships. Merge your CRM with the EHR to gain, engage and retain your patients with multiple communication channels at your disposal. Be it your website, call center, social media or else – you can always keep the patient’s experience positive and personal.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Make big data work for your revenue. Transform raw numbers into meaningful insights and get multidimensional reports, charts and metrics in one tap. Visualize your outcomes and costs as well as financial management and operative processes to highlight achievements and gaps.

Postoperative Care Management

Ensure your patients’ successful post-surgery recovery between nurse visits and appointments. Track individuals’ objective and subjective and monitor wound healing for early signs of SSI. Reduce complications, exacerbations and readmissions.