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IT Solutions for Travel & Hospitality In Chennai

Zero Gravity Technologies is committed to the hospitality & leisure industry and applies the latest technologies for digitizing operations across various touchpoints of the customer journey. We understand the growing needs of this industry sector and strive to drive operational excellence by offering effective business solutions. With some of the leading brands as our satisfied clients, we act as a partner to help them derive the optimum value from their investments in technology.
Travel Software and Hospitality Solutions business line of Zero Gravity Technologies creates any type of custom travel industry software, from property management software to Hotel Channel Manager, from OTA software to corporate booking automation.Our Travel Software and Hospitality Solutions vertical brings high expertise, industry knowledge and an innovative approach for your business.

Travel & Hospitality Segment We Serve

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Travel & Tourism

IT solutions to simplify and streamline the operations in processes like listing services, booking deals, managing customers, and more.


Industry-leading digital solutions to help lodging organizations embrace innovation and redefine the guest experiences.

Pharma Companies

Powerful CRM Solutions and productivity suite to transform your business and operations.

Healthcare Startups

Capitalize on our domain expertise, flexible engagement model and competitive offerings.

Our Travel & Healthcare Offerings

Taking the hospitality industry towards digitization with our offerings

IT Infrastructure Management Services

With a deep understanding of the hospitality & leisure industry and the relevant technical expertise, we manage your IT environment efficiently.

Mobility Solutions

Reach your customers anywhere, anytime, and on any device using our secure mobility solutions, including Android and iOS.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Achieve your business goals and the evolving demands of the customer leveraging the power, scalability, flexibility, and other capabilities of the cloud.

Web & eCommerce Development

From web redesign to creating new website content from scratch, Zero Gravity delivers extensive web technology solutions.

Digital Marketing

Omnichannel digital marketing services to create compelling digital experiences, boost your brand reach, and increase customer base.

Customer Analytics

Zero Gravity assists companies in the hospitality and leisure industry understand the buying behavior of consumers and meet their expectations.


  • Fleet management
  • Agile methodology
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Quality management

Our experience in travel software and hospitality solutions industry gives us a relevant overview about the market. In other words, we can envision how the future of travel software and hospitality will be shaped by technology. Furthermore, we put this powerful insight in the service of your business.

Custom Business Solutions

We gathered years of experience in working with top stakeholders in the industry. This gives us the power of innovation and creative mindset for the best, tailor-made solutions for our client. If you are looking for Travel software and hospitality solutions experts, you will find them at Zero Gravity. Our experience is extended over more than 18 years of custom projects on Property Management System, Hotel Channel Manager, OTA Software, Property Management Software, and many other.

Quality Work

The success of our previous projects can be more than a guarantee for the quality of our work. Whether your business is an OTA software, Hotel Channel Manager, Hospitality solutions or Property Management System, Zero Gravity helps you sustain, grow and, especially, scale your company. As a result, this will improve revenue, asset utilization and reduce costs.

Hospitality Solutions

This powerful property management system was created to solve hoteliers’ needs. The management tool offers a clear view of all the reservations, guest information, invoices and other specific operations. In other words, a Property Management Software is the ultimate solution for automatized hotel operations, maintaining all the information and efficiently optimizing room assignment. Furthermore, the Property Management System incorporates comprehensive features, being used worldwide by industry leaders.

Online Travel Agencies (OTA Software)

There is a need of adapting online travel agencies to the evolution of the market. The only way is by working with tailored travel software, in short OTA software. The travel industry has become a supply chain that has a high potential for growth opportunities. In order to sustain this evolution, OTAs need to develop relevant travel technologies for the targeted market.