Ecommerce Solutions


Ecommerce Solutions & Retail Software Development Company In Chennai

Putting together our expertise in information technology and ecommerce development, we help retail companies, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers drive their customers’ satisfaction, boost sales and expand their audiences. We aim at making ecommerce solutions technically impeccable and catchy to let your company stand out in the ecommerce market.

Ecommerce Solutions Segment We Serve

Zero Gravity helps ecommerce businesses succeed in their daily operation by empowering it with fully functional custom systems and ecommerce modules.

Logistics Management

Routing and trip management, tracking systems, cargo operations, container management, fuel management, vehicle inspection.

Ecommerce ERP

Complex ecommerce workflows, supply chain management, pricing management, project management, human resource management.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse operations, SKUs management, labor management, yard and dock management, warehouse and stock optimization.

Corporate Billing

Invoicing, expenses, estimates, assets, taxes, payrolls, bank transactions, accounting reports.

Ecommerce Solutions Offerings

Advanced services to foster your ecommerce growth

Online Stores

We deliver device-agnostic web stores, coupon and drop shipping websites to ensure a consistent positive buying experience for your customers at any location.

B2C Marketplaces

We implement multi-lingual and multi-currency marketplaces as an optimal medium for an interrupted collaboration between various sellers and their clients.

B2B Trade Portals

We create feature-rich B2B portals to unite all the trading stakeholders, such as suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and their subsidiaries, within a centralized hub.

Auctions & Bidding Platforms

We help ecommerce businesses broaden their trading experience through online auctions and bidding portals.

Ecommerce Aggregators

If you are looking for a solution that will bring together multiple vendors and consolidate their offerings under the same hood, we are ready to provide our assistance.

Booking & Ticketing

Zero Gravity assists companies in the hospitality and leisure industry understand the buying behavior of consumers and meet their expectations.


  • Ecommerce consulting
  • Ecommerce implementation
  • Ecommerce support
Ecommerce consulting

The success of an ecommerce business starts with the right strategy. For the effective launch, we assist in understanding buying personas, designing typical customer journeys, defining promising sales and marketing channels, deciding on the complexity of an ecommerce solution that will deliver on your requirements without being excessive and cost-ineffective for your business.

Ecommerce implementation

The third step has no upper time limits – from the moment of launch, your ecommerce solution will need ongoing support. For the software component, we will employ solution maintenance services for its flawless functioning and solid security. Besides, your business will evolve when some ideas fail to work out and new ones come to your mind instead.

Ecommerce support

Apt and timely shipment of goods by land, sea or air is not an easily manageable task. That is why our custom logistics solutions are tailored to automate all shipment processes, eliminate manual activities and related errors, ensure secure and cost-saving freight delivery operations. They provide forwarding agents and managers with the range of tools for messaging and quoting, billing and invoicing, imaging and scanning.