Web Development Trends To Watch In 2022

by zerogravitytechnologies / September 26, 2022

Developers are leaders in technological innovation, they are constantly looking forward to making new developments in Web development. We are the same at Zero Gravity Technologies. Future trends in web development are something we always search for. One thing all of these trends have in common is that by putting them into practice, websites may become much more useful and SEO-friendly. Here are a few web development trends that, based on our analysis, will take off in 2022

Chabot’s and Artificial Intelligence - Crucial Tools for Communication

The primary benefit of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology for developers is that it enables the construction of virtual assistants who interact with site users and provide assistance. Additionally, it enables the carrying out and gathering of analytical data. After gaining this understanding, you may utilize it to enhance the website and increase its visibility across all search engines.

Chatbots communicate with website visitors and respond to their inquiries to aid with page navigation, list services, provide price information, and more. Since it makes using a website less difficult, a high consumer engagement rate also guarantees a good site rating. Chatbots are able to interact with consumers on a level that is almost human, and they are well-suited to respond to a variety of questions from website visitors. By 2022, over 70% of websites will utilize this technology, which will enable visitors to quickly and easily find the information they want. ML (Machine Learning), on which AI is also significantly founded, allows it to incorporate user requests, data, and feedback into subsequent communications. Because of this, an annual growth rate of 33.2% in AI is expected between 2020 and 2027.

Voice Navigation and Control:

People are constantly on the go and pressed for time, therefore rapid findings and quick searches are necessary. In fact, individuals demand access to information so quickly that they would prefer to say a few phrases into their phone than type it up, according to industry titans like Google and Yandex. This procedure will be minimized by the use of voice control. But in addition to "Hey, Google," we can also observe that this tendency is driving a whole new generation of goods. For instance, voice control and listening to orders are the foundation of all smart home gadgets, office assistants, Siris, and Alexas. Numerous websites and web apps will do the same under this influence.

PWA and PMA Content:

PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) applications are becoming well-known resources for developers. It lets website content change to fit the size of the phone, improving the UI/UX layout. The extra benefit is that page loading speed continues to be as fast as it would be on a machine that is stationary. This is especially crucial for user retention because mobile devices have an overwhelming propensity to be used to view websites.

An AMP is a better option than PWAs if your website has a lot of animation and video content. By utilizing an AMP, you can still make all of your information accessible to site visitors using mobile devices without overburdening them.

Add horizontal scrolling:

Now that we've proven the need for mobile versions, it's crucial to note that not every website can be seen properly on a mobile device. We now go horizontal scrolling. This makes it easier for users to use the website on mobile browsers and enables content to be displayed in a sequential order.

Server less Architecture:

So why make the switch over to serverless architecture? Basically, because it makes a number of procedures simpler. In particular, server-less design eliminates any data loss and is another element that helps ensure that the website is not overloaded. To be precise, computations are now performed using cloud resources rather than servers.

Keep it simple- The One Pagers:

Another trend that pertains to user satisfaction and streamlining procedures is SPA (single page application). By putting one type of content on one specific page, SPAs are frequently used to simplify site navigation. Users find this useful since it makes it easier for them to do searches. As a result, online shops and platforms that offer a variety of services quickly adopt the SPA strategy and use it to build informational blogs and list items. Similar to this, internet news websites use it to divide the news into many categories. With this, site designers can again provide their visitors with a straightforward and clean experience on mobile devices without the need for complicated navigation or a lengthy menu.

All of these recent trends in web development will assist you in staying ahead of the curve when creating new goods and in making the best adjustments possible to enhance the visual appeal of the website. So that you may start out strong in 2022, gather your development team and begin making these improvements today (for more information on how to employ a top web developer, check out our page Zero Gravity Digital).